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Topic: Co-op shareholder and voting rights, Employee-owned companies, B corp vs. Benefits Corporation—

Clean Power Planet podcast interview with Amanda Bybee


In this podcast episode, David Butler of the Clean Power Planet podcast chats with guest Amanda Bybee (CEO of Amicus O&M, and Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives of Namaste Solar at the time) as she discusses the benefits and challenges of running an employee-owned company. They cover a wide range of topics including the shareholder structure of Namaste Solar co-op, what it means to be a B Corp, net metering policies in Colorado, and distributed generation of clean energy.

“I think there’s something  intuitively magical about turning light into electricity. And I think it’s the most democratic (little d) form of energy because you can place it almost anywhere. Wind is great. Being in Texas, wind was super great. But wind is also a large-scale technology that you can’t make accessible to most people so I fell in love with it and it got into my blood. So as I like to say I may have studied liberal arts in college but I got in touch with my inner engineer afterward.” ~ Amanda Bybee, Namasté Solar

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About Clean Power Planet
David Butler’s podcast targets people eager to switch to renewable energy. He pledged to raise money for a solar installation on a low income house. He kicks off his first episode with “Welcome to my Midlife Energy Crisis”. He wants to share renewable energy stories through his podcast.