Shades of Green – Solar Flare with Amanda Bybee, a Solar Innovator

Topic: Founding the Clean Energy Credit Union, Financing the clean energy transition—

Shades of green talk radio Interview with Amanda Bybee


This talk radio episode features the first of a new series called “Shades of Green Flares,” highlighting innovators in the clean energy industry and share their stories. This first episode is a Solar Flare with Amanda Bybee, CEO of Amicus O&M. She shares her story about founding the Clean Energy Credit Union, a first-of-its-kind financial institution dedicated to providing affordable financing for clean energy products and services, such as electric vehicle purchases, home energy efficiency projects or solar installations.

About Shades of Green
After 13 years of broadcasting, Shades of Green went on hiatus in 2020, and has resumed with a new format. Shades of Green was a weekly talk radio program featuring personal profiles, information and events. Producer John Hoffner and Host Reed Sternberg inform and inspired listeners on current topics locally and nationally related to green energy and the environment.