Solar for All – Equity in Solar Employment & Deployment

Topic: Deploying solar equitably, solar workforce demographics and stats—

Solar for All podcast interview with Amanda Bybee


In this podcast episode, Geoff Greenfield of the Solar for All chats with guest Amanda Bybee of Amicus O&M about the challenges and urgent need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the solar industry. They cover a wide range of topics including equity for women, people of color, the STEM pipeline, and note the accomplishments of some outstanding DEI leaders in the solar industry such as Grid Alternatives, Renewables Forward, Solar Energy International, and Amicus O&M.

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About Solar for All
Host Geoff Greenfield uses the power of business as a force for good. He founded B corps third sun solar and solar financing software company new resource solutions. He hosts the podcast solar for all, is an owner and former board member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative and has been on the board of NABCEP since 2012. Geoff graduated from Miami and Ohio university (masters), served in the peace corps in Africa and developed affordable housing for a regional non-profit. Geoff lives in a net-zero solar home with his wife and business partner Michelle, and is the proud father of two young men.