Suncast – Interviews Amicus O&M CEO, Part 1

Topic: Early days of renewable energy industry, Solar O&M, Cooperative business structures—

Suncast podcast interview with Amanda Bybee


In part 1 of this interview, Nico Johnson of the Suncast podcast chats with guest Amanda Bybee (CEO of Amicus O&M) as she discusses her phenomenal background and journey to get to where she is today. We learn all about the Amicus O&M Cooperative as well as her time at Namaste Solar, and even back to the early days of Solar Austin and the early early push to get renewable energy and solar into the agenda in Texas.

As part of the Women’s History Month series, Suncast podcast is highlighting female leadership in the renewable energy industry. At the onset of the pandemic lockdown of 2020, the team at Sun cast is thinking about the different ways we can help bring the community together, support you, and encourage each one of you as you are trying to deal with your own challenges.

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