Sunnyside Podcast – Interview with Amanda Bybee

Topic: Women in the solar industry, Leadership, DEI, Mentorship—

The Sunnyside podcast interview with Amanda Bybee of Amicus O&M


In this podcast episode, Sharon Lee of The Sunnyside podcast interviews guest Amanda Bybee (CEO of Amicus O&M) as she discusses her  start in the solar industry, her movement into the O&M side of the solar industry, as well as the importance of DEI and mentorship as a business owner. Amanda talks about how her profound desire to generate an impact in the world in her early 20s led her to work with solar energy. They also discuss business strategies, and how she has developed herself as a professional with O&M before and after the pandemic as a woman.

“When you are responsible for running a business that is situated in a historical context of these life-altering events, I really feel like it’s a call for a new kind of leadership.” ~ Amanda Bybee

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