Workology – Meaningful Work With Amanda Bybee, CEO of Amicus O&M Cooperative

Topic: DEI, Renewables Forward, PIA—

Workology podcast interview with Amanda Bybee


In this podcast episode, Jessica Miller-Merrell of Workology chats with guest Amanda Bybee (CEO of Amicus O&M) — DEI advocate in the solar industry. Amanda has worked in the solar industry since 2003, and over the course of her career, she has helped launch several cooperatives, including employee-owned cooperative Namasté Solar, purchasing cooperative Amicus Solar, financial cooperative Clean Energy Credit Union and shared-services cooperative Amicus O&M Cooperative. In recent years, she has contributed time and energy to several passion projects, including a Women’s Speakers Bureau with WRISE, an informational website on how to recycle solar equipment at, and an industry coalition on diversity, equity, and inclusion called Renewables Forward.

Renewables Forward is intended to pull in members from all over the renewable energy industries. Its root is really in the solar industry, but our intention is very much to continue expanding that over time. And the mission of renewables forward recognizes that our diversity issue is not simply a hiring problem, but also an issue of education access, political voice, environmental impact, community protection and sustainability. Further, we can’t commit to building a more resilient, efficient, sustainable and affordable future without also addressing the inequities of the past and proactively building solutions that elevate opportunity for all of us. ” ~ Amanda Bybee

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