Yooo Sun! – Lifting the Ceiling of Solar with Amicus O&M Cooperative CEO Amanda Bybee

Topic: Diversity in solar, O&M member vetting process, Solar recycling—

Yo Sun podcast interview


In this podcast episode, hosts Jared Pashko and Micah Gold-Markel of Solar States chat with guest Amanda Bybee, the CEO of Amicus O&M Cooperative, “one of the most important bodies in the solar industry” they affirm. This episode was recorded in 2021, but the insights are timeless. They discuss the meaning behind O&M, and the fact that Amicus O&M cooperative members (of which Solar States is one) promise to fulfill their solar promise for decades after their projects are installed. Amanda takes us on her career path and discusses women in solar, diversity in solar, the vetting process used by O&M to recruit new installers and how they hold them accountable over time, and more. Also as a volunteer leader at SolarRecycle.org, she sits in a unique position at the crossroads of O&M and recycling efforts.

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About Yoooo Sun! by Solar States
Live from Solar States Studios Philadelphia, PA – Yoooo Sun! is a show about the state solar, the people, and policy of solar in America, brought to you by hosts Jared Pashko and founder Micah Gold-Markel! Solar States is a Philadelphia-based solar installer founded in 2008 with a dual-mission to install solar and educate the next generation. Solar States is the on ramp for inner city residents looking to find jobs in the solar industry. As a result of our founding ethos they have a dual mission to install solar and educate the next generation of solar installers. After establishing our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, Solar States began installing solar for such institutions as the Community College of Philadelphia and Swarthmore College. They have completed over 800 projects for residential and commercial clients, impacted hundreds of students through our curriculum and job placement, and hired a number of these students.